Using our online software - FAQs

Our software should be intuitive and self-explanatory but here are some pointers if you get stuck. Do give us a call on 020 7241 1113 if you need more help!

How do I add a page to my photo book?
When you have not exceeded the maximum amount of pages of your chosen package, you can add more pages to your book. Go to the page overview. There you will see an orange button with “+ add page”.

How do I add a photo to a page?
Add a photo through the button “page options” or add a photo by dragging the photo to the page. Drop the photo in the square (add to this page).

How do I add text to a page?
Click on a photo to open the photo edit options, select the “T” icon and now you can type some text that will be inserted into the photo. The text will always be placed at the bottom of the photo.

How to change a layout?
To change the layout you will always need to have more than 2 photos on 1 page. There are several ways to edit your layout. You can randomise the layout by clicking on the button page options - “randomise layout”. You can also drag the borders between the photos to adapt the layout.

How do I shift, rotate or delete photos or pages?
Click on a photo to open the photo edit options and click the relevant icon to make your changes.

How do I delete a page?
To delete a page simply click the pink trash icon in page overview mode.

How to change the order of pages in my book?
Go into page overview mode and click the green icon with 4 arrows to drag the page to the new location.


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